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Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists d'Anthony Zee

Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists

Par Anthony Zee

Relié, 632 pages

Paru le 29 mars 2016 chez Princeton University Press

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18,4 x 26,0 x 5,1 cm

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Format : Relié, 632 pages
Date de publication : 29 mars 2016
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-10 : 0691162697
ISBN-13 : 9780691162690
Classement Amazon.fr : 9.723
Dimensions : 18,4 x 26,0 x 5,1 cm

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although group theory is a mathematical subject, it is indispensable to many areas of modern theoretical physics, from atomic physics to condensed matter physics, particle physics to string theory. in particular, it is essential for an understanding of the fundamental forces. yet until now, what has been missing is a modern, accessible, and self-contained textbook on the subject written especially for physicists.group theory in a nutshell for physicists fills this gap, providing a user-friendly and classroom-tested text that focuses on those aspects of group theory physicists most need to know. from the basic intuitive notion of a group, a. zee takes readers all the way up to how theories based on gauge groups could unify three of the four fundamental forces. he also includes a concise review of the linear algebra needed for group theory, making the book ideal for self-study.provides physicists with a modern and accessible introduction to group theorycovers applications to various areas of physics, including field theory, particle physics, relativity, and much moretopics include finite group and character tables, real, pseudoreal, and complex representations, weyl, dirac, and majorana equations, the expanding universe and group theory, grand unification, and much morethe essential textbook for students and an invaluable resource for researchersfeatures a brief, self-contained treatment of linear algebraan online illustration package is available to professorssolutions manual (available only to professors)

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